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Russian Women Share Pet Peeves

13. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

The second week of October is National Pet Peeve Week, a time for men and women to chat about the things that irk them most. In honor of this special occasion, here are a few pet peeves we assembled from past surveys conducted by HotRussianBrides.com.


Relationship Deal Breakers

Last year, we asked members of Hot Russian Brides about relationship deal breakers. Of the nine choices - too much partying, bad friends, poor sense of style, bad manners, bad in bed, bad hygiene, too needy, too demanding, and too controlling – Russian women are most offended by bad manners and bad hygiene. Other significant deal breakers include men who are too demanding and men who are too controlling.


Russian Women Turn Offs

In 2009, we asked the ladies of Hot Russian Brides to share their biggest turn offs. Bad manners once again topped the list, with the majority of participants citing rude behavior as a top turn off. Lying, self-centered behavior, rudeness, and a dirty appearance rounded out the top five biggest turn offs, while laziness, arrogance, disrespectful behavior, a preoccupation with sex, and cheating completed the top ten.


Marriage Pet Peeves

Pravda, a Russian newspaper, also explored the issue of women's pet peeves and found that selfishness is the biggest turn off. Indifference to a wife’s family was the second pet peeve on Pravda’s list, followed by leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen and watching soccer games at full volume. Women also can't stand it when men have no idea where items are stored around the house.


Married women also despair when their husbands believe work is more important than family, accuse women of being bad drivers, habitually embarrass them in front of others, do household chores only when they are away, and talk about something instead of actually doing it.

So what does this information mean for you? The more you know about Russian women’s pet peeves, the better your chances of making a successful match. Check out “Survey Says Russian Women Like a Good Laugh” to learn what turns Russian women ON!