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Russian Women Skydiving Team Sets New World Record

17. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Last summer, 88 women from “Pearls of the Sky” skydiving team set a new world record over Kolomna, Russia. After successfully pulling off the stunt, the women vowed to break their own record, and now they’ve done just that. Over 100 women from the Russian team set a new record over the weekend by forming the largest free falling flower pattern in history. 


The stunt once again took place over the skies of Kolomna and involved a total of 101 women. View footage of the record-breaking event below.


This year's achievement was particularly meaningful as team captain Irina Sinitsina, the woman who pushed the team to break their own record, died last fall in a California skydiving accident. The skydivers left a space open in the flower formation in honor of their “missing petal.”


No word on if the Pearls of the Sky will attempt to set another record, though we have a feeling the world hasn’t seen the last of these brave and talented women.


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