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Russian Women Surf in Heels

28. June 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

One of the running jokes about Russian women is that they dress up for every occasion. Makeup and heels are a must, whether it’s dining at an elegant restaurant, taking a routine trip to the grocery store, or…surfing? 


On May 6, a group of Russian women donned high heels and dresses and took to the waves of Bali, Indonesia. A video from the light-hearted competition (below) went viral, causing many viewers to marvel at the women’s skill.  


“Some women can't even walk in high heels, very impressive,” a commenter writes on the Daily Mail.


“Russian women walk a thin line between kooky and fascinating,” remarks another. 


Many viewers also noted that officials at the Californian surfing competition Mavericks should take note of the women’s skill. Mavericks’ controversial decision to not allow female competitors irks many in the surfing world.  


The next surfing in heels competition will be held in October, and the women are actively seeking new competitors. However, surfing isn’t the only thing Russian women can do in heels. Each year, Glamour sponsors a stiletto race in Moscow. Competitors must wear heels at least four inches high, and the winner receives a 100,000 rubles shopping spree. 

Заезд на шпильках from ANNA_LAZAR on Vimeo.

Photo: Stock.xchng