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Russian Women: Tough Yet Tender

9. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Russian women remain something of a mystery to American men: Their countries were uber-adversaries for two generations, they were force-fed propaganda about eachother, and their lives were divided by the sinister-sounding "Iron Curtain." Two decades after that curtain has lifted, our cultures are still sizing each other up. Here's a peek inside the soul of a typical Russian and Ukrainian woman.  


Strength in adversity

Under Soviet rule, people were forced to lead a double life: There was the world of government control and intrusive beauracracy, and there was the warm underground of family and friends.

From 1917 to 1989, the people of the Soviet Union were controlled and repressed by the central government. They were circumspect around strangers. After Communism collapsed, the former Soviet Bloc states had to start from scratch and redefine their economies. Inflation and long queues were a fact of life. People learned to steel themselves against a new kind of hardship and, sometimes, humiliation. Russian women and their sisters in neighboring countries had to be strong. They have learned how to endure hardship with grace.

It's not easy for a typical modern American to relate to a culture of group sacrifice. But it is ingrained in the former Soviet countries. It's why your average Russian woman is accommodating, adaptable, and determined in the face of set-backs.


Behind closed doors

Under the radar of civic life, family and friends have served as a lifeline for Russians. They don't fit the Western stereotype of stoicism and reservation. In reality most are warm, charming and hospitable people who thrive on connecting with others. Life revolves around family, home and friends. Within this cocoon of close connections, Russian women unleash their essence: a softness of character, tenderness, femininity, and devotion to loved ones. Combine these traits with intellectual curiosity, cultural pursuits and worldly knowledge and you have the essence of a Russian lady.

Open hearts, open borders

Like people in all cultures, most Russian women yearn to find the love of their lives. Happily, they are no longer limited by barbed wire borders in their search. Globalism has opened up a whole new world of romantic possibilities. While communication remains spotty -- Internet bandwidth is limited and computers are costly -- it's out there. HotRussianBrides.com offers a secure, reliable and safe way for Russian women and Western men to meet. 


Similar values

For all its imperfections, America is seen by many as the Land of Opportunity: a place of freedom of expression and vast beauty. It's a place in which to enjoy life and freely pursue dreams. For some Russian and Ukrainian women, it's also a place to seek a mate whose values are in sync with their own: chivalry, family, partnership, and a willingness to look at what lies ahead -- not behind.

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