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Russian Women Want New Winter Olympic Sports

29. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Athletes from all over the world are always lobbying for new events to be added to the Olympic Games. Naturally, countries want more contests in the sports that could bring them more medals, but expanding the Winter Olympic program will bring more spectators and make the Games even more spectacular.


Russian women athletes want more events in their sports that hold strong national traditions, such as the biathlon and figure skating. One of the new events up for consideration is the mixed biathlon relay, where each team of skiers and shooters will consist of two women and two men. The ladies are also looking forward to team figure skating, a one-day event that involves two single skaters, male and female, plus a skating pair and an ice dancing pair. All scores are combined to produce a team figure skating score.


Sergei Averyanov, chief of the Russian Olympic Committee’s press service, told Voice of Russia that male athletes are not the only ones lobbying for more extreme winter sports; Russian girls are too. Women’s ski jumping, half-pipe skiing, and snowboard slopestyle are also being considered for inclusion. These newer extreme snow sports are becoming more popular each year.


A final decision to determine which new events will be added can be expected sometime in 2011. Have you met these hot Russian brides who enjoy snowboarding?


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