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Russian Women? Why Love them?

15. June 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

Russian women are famous throughout the world for their beauty. The striking features that make them so distinct include long legs, a small waist, a healthy bosom, and a fine angular face. The blonde hair possessed by most Russian women is a mark of their Scandinavian genealogical heritage. It is these same genes that give them healthy, robust bodies filled with energy, liveliness, and sensuality. But this beauty is not merely the work of nature. Russian women are keen to keep themselves in shape. Physical fitness and a beautiful appearance are important social indicators in Russia, and the women who have them are seen to have attained a cultural milestone. Russian women like to look hot and sexy for the man they’re with. They take great pride and pleasure in being paraded around by men who know how to show them off in public. Beyond the physical, lies the romantic. If you are considering Russian mail order brides, you should know that emotional intimacy and loyalty are very important to Russian women. Once a Russian woman has given her heart to the man she loves, there is no turning back. The depth of their emotion is neither felt nor expressed in the sometimes flippant and passive-aggressive way that Anglo-American men experience when dealing with their own women. The powerful passions portrayed in the classic Russian novels are true to life. Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Pasternak’s Lara are representative of the commitment and dedication that Russian women give to the man they fall in love with. And they expect the feeling to be reciprocated. Another thing to keep in mind about mail order brides is that your future wife will not only welcome but insist on making raising a family and being a wife her first priority. Russia is still, in many ways, a traditional society in which the traditional role of the at-home mom is valued. This should not be misunderstood as stating that Russian mail order brides are completely and exclusively consumed by domestic affairs. You will find that your wife is well-educated, highly cultivated, exceptionally refined, and has wide-ranging interests in art, books, culture, fashion, and world affairs. Russian schools are very good in furnishing the minds of the young. Russia is also heavily infused with West European culture, so most mail order brides have a working knowledge of that heritage. Indeed, your Russian bride will be at once Russian and West European in her habits of thought and action. Most Russian people—especially those living in the large cities—have this double consciousness. They fill their minds with the political, social, and cultural ideas of Western Europe while maintaining the customs of their native land, including drinking, traditional cuisine, and folk dancing. Russian mail order brides enjoy going out and having fun. You will not, however, have to worry about bad behavior. Russian women can hold their drink. In Russia, drinking is seen as part of being sociable, and people know how to do it without overdoing it.