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Russian Youth Group takes on Illegal Parking in Moscow

28. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

A group in Russia known as “Nashi”, sponsored by the Russian Presidential administration has become notorious for taking on those who they have seen as “threats” to the Kremlin. These have included former Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko (who was “congratulated” on his loss in early 2010 by the group), British Ambassador Tony Brenton and many others. While the majority of targets the group has taken on have been political, Nashi seems to have now started approaching more social issues as well.

Moscow’s parking laws are notorious for being badly enforced in recent years, with many drivers – and especially city officials and VIPs – ignoring the rules entirely. Members of Nashi have recently begun a campaign to change this thinking, taking large stickers around the city and pasting them on the windshields of every car they see parked illegally. The stickers are enormous, covering the entire driver’s side window and inform passers-by that “I don’t care! I park where I want!”

The group has promised to post at least 15,000 of them and have preemptively promised to prosecute any drivers that attempt to stop them by force. One city official’s driver was embarrassed when Nashi uploaded a video of them “stickering” his illegally parked car which then prompted him to attack them with a tire-iron.