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Russian YouTube Sensation to Represent Russia in Eurovision Song Contest

10. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Peter Nalitch, or Pyotr Nalich, a former architect in Moscow, became an overnight sensation in Russia and Europe after a video of him and some friends singing hit Youtube back in 2007. The 28 year old soon quit his job and assembled a band, finding huge success in Moscow’s music scene.

Now Russia has picked The Peter Nalitch band to represent the country in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Russia hosted 2009’s Eurovision Song Contest after Russian pop singer Dima Bilan won in 2008 (The country who wins hosts the next year). As Norwegian composer and singer Alexander Rybak won in 2009, they will be this year’s host.

Peter Nalitch’s song “Lost and Forgotten” was the one picked for the qualifying round and his band beat out 24 other Russian artists and groups to win the right to represent Russia in the contest. Peter Nalich will go up against Vasyl Lazarovich, Ukraine’s entry in the contest who was a former Soloist in the Belarusian orchestra.