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Russian dating sites, and the importance of being earnest.

24. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

When using a site like Hot Russian Brides, it is always important to approach dating with a sense of seriousness. While it is important to communicate in a lighthearted and friendly manner, treating your search for your other half as a trivial matter can only end in disappointment on all sides.

What can I do to ensure the hot Russian ladies on the site are truly serious about their search?

We receive this question quite frequently, and it is a valid query. Many customers see the pictures of the ladies on the site and believe that the ladies here couldn’t possibly be serious about their search for a Western gentleman, or even that they are paid models and that we are a foreign bride scam. The truth is that every lady that comes into our site must attest that she is interested in pursuing a serious long-term relationship. Everyone on the site makes their own choice about who they would like to communicate with and who they wish to pursue that sort of relationship with.

How can I make it known to these Russian women that I am as serious as I want them to be?

It’s always important to make clear that when you are participating in a Russian dating service that you are very serious about your search. Due to the nature of online interaction, both the ladies and the gentlemen can have doubts and frequently these concerns can sound very familiar. “Why would an American man really be interested in a Ukrainian bride” is a question that often comes up, along with “How can I know he’s not just leading me along?” Do either of these concerns sound familiar? We hear questions similar to them every day from Russian ladies as well as from western gentlemen. The best way to approach communication here is simply to be honest. Entering fake names, fake pictures, and inaccurate information in your profile is only a good plan if you want to destroy a lady’s trust in you. Entering “ask me and find out” into your “About Me” and “Looking For” sections won’t do much to pique her interest, either.

How can I be sure about this email I received?

All too often, we receive complaints from gentlemen about Russian brides sending introduction emails that don’t seem particularly personalized. If you feel you’re receiving these, take a moment to do a personal inventory. Look at your profile – do you give ladies a lot of information to go off of? If you are placing the bare minimum 50-character requirement in there, or entering in “Please ask me” instead of an actual description of yourself or the sort of person you’re looking for then you are limiting your chances of genuine communication.

What else should I keep in mind?

One of the best suggestions we can give you is to keep an open mind and to be understanding. Understand that none of the Russian women are paid for their participation here, so you can’t expect them to keep a schedule with their communication on the site. Many ladies need to juggle their participation here with life, family and work and while Ukraine is normally 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, we work with agencies in many different countries that cover around 20 different time zones.

Cynicism is also a notion to keep in check. With all of the misinformation floating around, it’s easy to allow that to affect your dating life both on and offline. If you approach romance with mistrust and skepticism, you will get nothing but mistrust and skepticism in return. Accusing ladies of only being interested in money for participating in a service like ours is an unfair action to take. It’s always a great idea to take precautions when communicating with anyone online but please ensure that doesn’t lead you to treat anyone rudely or harshly.