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Russian “RoboCop” a Big Hit at Police Convention

2. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

The future of law enforcement has arrived in Russia.  Last week, at the Interpolitech 2009 convention in Moscow, the Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrated its new Special Forces robot at military aircraft range just outside the capital.


"Metalist " Medals

The robot nicknamed “Metalist” performed flawlessly in the demo by assisting the Russian SWAT team by releasing a smoke bomb and firing grenades at the barricade across the “terrorist” hideout.


Nuts & Bolts

Metalist was designed by the Ministry to assist police Special Forces in reconnaissance and fire support with an armament of a VSK-94 rifle, A Yarugin pistol and a grenade launcher. The robot can also be outfitted communication devices to speak with terrorists and a device to lay explosives.


How it works

In a safe zone, an officer controls the robot by using two joysticks which enables the machine to travel, aim and shoot. The maximum distance that the device can travel is 200 meters or 218 yards with an enough battery power for 2 ½ hours.


Meeting Expectations

At a cost of $10 million to develop the “Metalist” was built in just two years at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant. Designers fulfilled the request of the Interior Ministry of a light-weight but powerful and effective machine.


The Future

Right now there is only one “Metalist”. Further testing under different situations is needed before more are built and the robot becomes an official police officer.  Law enforcement officers all across Russia hope that soon every department will have one, since a robot will be able to help save lives of not only civilians but police officers as well.