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Russians Respond to "What is Happiness?"

11. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Are Russian stereotypes true? Do you think vodka with pickles and bears on bicycles make Russian people happy? The Russian Center of Public Opinion Research recently asked "What is Happiness?" and the poll results have been revealed.


28% of respondents said that their idea of happiness was "a happy family" and 14% chose "financial security", which had both increased since last year's poll. Other answers included "children", "grandchildren", "world peace", and "good friends".


Last year, 21% of Russians responded with "I don't know", but this time that answer was only given by 13% of people. Other popular answers like "a good job" and "freedom and opportunity" were mentioned much less as well.


Psychologist Alexander Kantor, Ph.D. says people's definition of happiness often changes, since it's dependent on their current situation.


"Happiness is an internal state. On the other hand, people have needs that have to be satisfied. If someone has no bread they will be happy to get it. Some people’s happiness is associated with the joy of survival, for others happiness is possession. All this means that happiness is a very vague and changeable notion,” Kantor says.


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Source: The Voice of Russia