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Russians Set 3 New World Records, Aim for Fourth

5. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian men and women recently broke three Guinness world records and hope to add a fourth to their list of achievements.

Citizens of the Southern Russian city of Voronezh celebrated the town’s anniversary by drinking total of 4,800 liters, or 5 tons, of locally-produced milk, setting a new record for group milk drinking. 

“I think this is a great alternative to what is usually associated with mass celebrations in Russia,” Alexei Svistunov, the editor of the Russian Guinness Book of Records told the Voice of Russia. “I mean drinking alcoholic drinks. It would be great if milk could replace alcoholic drinks."

In Pyatigorsk, another city in southern Russia, citizens created and ate the world’s biggest loaf of bread. At one meter high and weighing 243 kg (534 lbs.), the bread is nearly twice as heavy as the previous record breaker, baked by Ukrainians, which weighed in at 160 kg (352 lbs.).

In musical achievements, 261 accordionists in Kazan, the capital of Russia's Tatarstan republic, together played a medley of Tartar folk songs and set another world record for simultaneous musical performance.

"It was an unprecedented event,” said Svistunov. “That is the first and the only ensemble of so many players who synchronically and smoothly played a musical piece.”

Citizens in Astrakhan, a city in Russia's Volga region, plan to set a new world record by baking a 250 meter-long cake and organizing a ring dance consisting of 10,000 people.

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Source: The Voice of Russia