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Russia's First Superhero Movie, Black Lightning

12. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

An annual tradition of Russia's film industry is to release a big domestic movie on New Year's Eve so everyone can go see it during their 2 week long holiday.


The famous director, Timur Bekmambetov from Kazakhstan, is the one credited with the blockbusters of previous years such as Day Watch and Irony of Fate 2. This year, Bekmambetov produced Black Lightning, Russia's first superhero movie, packed with special effects and comic book cliches.


A university student is bummed when his dad gives him an old clunker to drive rather than a classy car of his dreams. But the sad student soon finds out that his old GAZ-21 can fly like the wind and even travel into space. His excitement is cut short when his father is killed; hence resorting to his superhero life of avenging his death.


A superhero film wouldn't be complete without the love story, so of course this main character struggles with revealing his secret life to his love interest, afraid of risking her life.


Black Lightning has so far appeared to be a commercial success, finishing second behind Avatar over the New Year weekend, raking in nearly $10 million.