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Saratov Beauties: Ilmira Shamsutdinova

9. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Saratov, a major city in Southern Russia, is home to a number of famous beauty queens. Among them is Ilmira Shamsutdinova, a striking brunette who has dazzled the world both on and off the pageant stage. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about this amazing woman.



Miss Universe Finalist (1996), Miss Europe Finalist (1995), Miss International Runner-up (1993), Miss Pearl of Russia Runner-up, and Miss Union (1991).


Pageant Career

Ilmira participated in her first beauty contest at the age of 14 and has enjoyed great success in the pageant world. Not one to start slow, Ilmira began her career by competing in the most prestigious pageants in the country: Miss Pearl of Russia (where she placed second) and Miss Union (where she won her first crown).

“I was invited to compete in the Miss World pageant, but I didn’t take part because I was too young. I couldn’t even walk in my heels properly,” Ilmira joked. “Instead, I went on to compete in the Miss International pageant where I took home a silver crown.”

“I’ve always been interested in pageants,” Ilmira continued. “When I was young, I participated in the ‘Flowers of Russia' fashion shows, but I wanted to do more. On weekdays I would go to school and study, but on weekends I would travel to Moscow to compete. My mother and I practically lived on the trains then.”


After the Pageants

Ilmira has done more than just compete in various pageants. In 1993, she co-hosted the Miss Russia pageant with Dmitry Krylov. In addition, she has starred in music videos with Russian celebrities Otpetie Moshenniki, Prime Minister, and Andrei Gubin, and she has also appeared in a number of Italian advertisements.


Though she is no longer active in the pageant world, Ilmira still works hard to keep her good lucks. The secret to beauty, she says, is outdoor activities. She enjoys skiing, diving, and participating in triathlons. Today, Ilmira lives with her husband and her two children: Sonya and Philippe.

“I met my future husband, Sasha, on the street,” Ilmira said. “He is a businessman. I am now studying at the International Academy of Business Management, and I will earn my diploma in a couple of years.”

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