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Saratov Beauties: Olesya Kuzmicheva

10. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Saratov, a major city in Southern Russia, is home to a number of famous beauty queens. Olesya Kuzmicheva is one of the lovely ladies that hail from this thriving Russian metropolis. So just who is she?



Junior Queen of the Universe (2003), Miss Russia Finalist (2002), Miss Saratov Province (2001)


Pageant Career

“I was only seventeen years old when I took part in the Queen of the Universe pageant in 2003,” Olesya reflected. “I was afraid that no one would meet me at the airport. To be honest, I did not seriously prepare for the competition. Later, the organizers of Miss Russia told me I was too unprepared and that they were hoping I wouldn’t win. My mom, however, was ecstatic when I was named Junior Queen of the Universe.”



After the Pageants

Olesya, a married mother of one, currently works as a makeup artist.

“My life changed greatly when my daughter Alissa was born,” Olesya said. “I reviewed everything in my life, including my attitude towards myself and my attitude towards others. Now that there is someone else to live for, I think more about tomorrow! Life isn’t just about one success or defeat, so don’t fixate. There are successes in life and there are defeats, but we can learn from both kinds of experiences.”