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Saratov's 419th Anniversary Celebration!

14. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Saratov's 419th Birthday

This past weekend, the city of Saratov celebrated its 419th anniversary, a holiday enjoyed by all who participated! 


Saratov was founded on July 12th, 1590, situated midway between the fortresses Samara and Tsaritsyn, at the request of count Grigory Zasekin.  In the winter of 1613, the city was completely destroyed by fire and rebuilt on the left bank of the Volga River.  In 1670, it was transferred to the right bank of the Volga River.  A road connecting Saratov with the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg was completed on July 4th, 1871, allowing a rapid growth of industry and commerce in the city. 


Modern Saratov is known in Russia as a center for higher education.  Home to one of the oldest universities in Russia, students here study a wide range of subjects including languages, biology, law, economics, physics and more.  There are over a dozen universities in Saratov for aspiring students to choose from.  The city is famous for its mechanical engineers and its petroleum and chemical industries, all of which benefit from the city’s educational resources.


Every year on this important holiday, the city hosts a plethora of carnivals, contests, concerts and festivals to mark the date of its founding.


On Saturday and Sunday an “Extreme Cup” was held in Saratov, inviting competition between freestyle inline skaters from Saratov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Volgograd.  A dance competition was also held, featuring the best teams in Saratov.  Participants competed in dance styles including break, jazz, modern, pop, hip-hop and street dance styles.


The popular Moscow trio “Top Secret,” known from the show “Dancing Without the Rules,” also paid a visit to Saratov.  The group showcased over a dozen dance show programs, each with its own storyline, unexpected improvisation and crazy acrobatics.


At the central square, a parade of retro cars was held, offering an opportunity to citizens and tourists to see these blasts from the past up close, even perhaps an opportunity to try driving one themselves!


At 10 PM, fireworks displays were ignited from three points across the city, with the most grandiose musical salute being held at the Theater Square. 


Perhaps the best gift for the people of Saratov and its guests was a performance on Sunday by singer Dima Bilan, winner of the Eurovision 2008!


Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on such fantastic celebrations next year!