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Sasha Grey Touring Ukraine

18. March 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Sasha Grey is planning on getting Ukrainians hot and bothered. But, her methods are distinctly different from her previous career. Having retired from porn in 2011, she is now concentrating on mainstream acting, writing, and music. She is currently on a world tour as a DJ, with two appearances in Ukraine this month. One gig is in Odessa and one in Kiev. Tickets for the shows are reportedly 500 hryvnia for men and free for women.



Sasha told Entertainment Weekly that she started playing music in 2006 just for fun. In 2008, she formed an experimental goth band called eTelecine. The band’s MySpace page got little notice until she attached her name to it, which caused its popularity to explode.



Grey says that she mostly plays music for fun, and that her main focus is acting. Her DJ sets mix the expected modern dance music with old school hip hop and punk. Grey says that her set is unexpected by many people, but that her big fans who know her taste in music are not surprised.



Curious about what she can do as a DJ? You can see a clip from her gig at L.A.’s The Roxy below:



Photo: NewsGab