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Sasha Grey to Race Across Russia

30. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

While she retired from the adult film industry to focus on conventional acting, modeling and music, Sasha Grey still attracts fans from all over the world.


The Russian automobile website drom.ru recently invited her to participate in a cross-country car rally next month, and Sasha said yes!


"We'll teach you to cook pelmeni, and drive famous Russian car - Lada Kalina ;-) How about that?," the website's editors sent to Sasha via Twitter, to which she replied, "Cooking and racing. Two of my favorite things! Yes please!"


The car rally will begin in Vladivostok and finish 5,600 miles later (9,000km) in Moscow. Many wonder if Sasha will make it all the way, due to the Lada Kalina's reputation of mechanical failure. Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted the famous route back in 2010 but he had two spare cars with him and even had to use one of the spares due to a breakdown.


While she chose a Russian stage name (Sasha), and her real name is of Russian origin as well (Marina), Sasha Grey is actually of Greek, Irish, English, and Polish descent. 


Source: RIA Novosti, Photo: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com