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Scientists Say Russian Girls Outnumber Boys

11. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Western gentlemen often wonder why Russian and Ukrainian women search for love beyond the borders of their homelands. While each girl may have a different reason, one common denominator is that there simply isn't enough Russian men to go around.


A new report by Russia Today confirms that Russian males are on the road to extinction. Sperm studies reveal that both the quantity and quality have suffered adverse effects over the years.


"What used to be perceived as infertility is now very different. Twenty years ago, 200 million viable sperm per milliliter was considered normal. Today, 15 million is average," explained Margarita Anshina, director of the Center for Reproduction and Genetics.


Scientists believe the male chromosome is more vulnerable to outside influences. Stress, such as war, terrorist attacks, and a polluted environment, lead to fewer boys being born.


Also, the life expectancy age of Russian males is a mere 60, while Russian women live 72 years. With such a large gender imbalance, one would think men's health would be taken more seriously. However, the issue doesn't appear to be a priority.


"There are no national programs aimed at men’s health. The chance of a Russian man dying prematurely is 20 times higher than a man in Europe. Such are the consequences of the social and economic stresses of the 1990s in Russia, as well as smoking and drinking," said Shamil Galimov from the Bashkir State Medical University.


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