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Self Serve Beer Taps at Lustdorf in Odessa

12. November 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

There's no need to wait for a server to bring the beers at Lustdorf Restaurant and Brewery in Odessa, Ukraine. Some of the tables have been installed with self service beer taps!


German for "a merry village," Lustdorf welcomes hundreds of guests each day with two dining rooms, two open summer terraces, and a luxury banquet hall.    


With diners enjoying mug after mug of conveniently placed beer, the restaurant offers a wide range of dishes to help absorb all the alcohol. A special beer plate serves up different appetizers, while the meat plate gives hearty helpings of German shanks, sausages, and more. Also, don't forget to ask about the beer punch! 


Fun drinking games often take place at Lustdorf as well including Beer Checkers, Arm Wrestling, Shopping Cart Races, Sausage on a String, Tug O' War, and much more. Guests can also take some samples of their favorite beers with them in souvenir containers. 


Take a look at these photos and consider a visit when you travel to meet Ukrainian girls.