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September Professional Holidays Honor Ukrainian Women Translators, Librarians, and More

9. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Ukraine has established a series of professional holidays to honor the men and women who work in a variety of professions. Here are a few of the professional holidays that fall in the month of September (per the Kiev Post). 


September 2 – Day of Entrepreneurs

The Day of Entrepreneurs honors the professional men and women who pursue local business ventures and invest in the community.

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September 30 – International Translators Day

September 30 is the feast of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators. Therefore, it’s the perfect day to honor the myriad of talented translators who help people from different countries communicate and connect with one another (like on HotRussianBrides!).

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September 30 – Librarian Day

Ukraine’s national Librarian Day also takes places on September 30th. This day honors the knowledgeable men and women who work in public libraries. The President of Ukraine established an All-Ukrainian Librarians Day in 1998. 

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Other notable days this month include Ukrainian Cinema Day (September 8th), International Peace Day (September 21st), and Tourism Day (September 27th). Have you met a lovely librarian, a tantalizing translator, or an enchanting entrepreneur on HotRussianBrides? Stop in and congratulate her on her professional day! Haven't met a lady working in these fields? Click the links above to meet one!