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Setting the “Hot Russian Brides” Record Straight with the President of Romantic Tours, Inc.

13. October 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

“Thieves assume everyone steals.  Liars assume everyone lies.  People that go out of their way to accuse  others of fraudulent activities are usually the ones committing fraud!”

So started my conversation with the President of Romantic Tours, Inc, a Dunedin, Florida based company that operates match-making  Websites that connect Russian, Ukrainian and other International women with eligible bachelors from around the Globe.   The statement came after we discussed the topic of industry “blacklists”.

"These so-called 'Blacklists' are ALL owned and operated by competing sites! Furthermore, these false 'Defamers' have accused Me of not responding or defending himself publicly.   Well, I'm not about to justify such false, misleading and defamatory accusations with a response. To do so, would be to play right into their hands and could possibly lend credibility to these fakers! What they're doing is illegal, unethical, and immoral.  They hold themselves out there as 'vigilantes' supposedly protecting unsuspecting men from the 'bad' people, when all they're really doing is 'profiteering' from Trademark Infringement.   Their MO is to lure members into these sites where they slander the goodwill of Industry Leaders and then redirect 'traffic' to their own 'recommended' sites!   We'll be 'dealing' with these criminals properly,  in a United States Court of Law"! 

The Russian Brides industry has a sleazy stigma associated with it. Why is that?

"Historically, the industry has been plagued with 'marriage agencies' looking to make money from deceiving lonely men.  A simple bait and switch: they show you a sexy photo of Natasha, but then you get an email written by Boris.  For years, this is how people got duped.  Then, we came along.  We completely changed the industry by introducing video streaming, our comprehensive  identity 'Validation' process, the most responsive customer service in the Industry, and the only online Web Hostesses."

"We only work with agencies that have the same moral and ethical values that we do and our Customer Service team impartially investigates all reports of potentially fraudulent and/or 'questionable' activity. Because of these investigations, we have banned thousands of ladies, along with dozens of Agencies, from our site for being associated with possibly questionable behavior."

What have you done to legitimize the industry?

"Frankly, no one has done more to legitimize this industry than Romantic Tours, Inc (operator of HotRussianBrides.com and RussianLoveMatch.com).  We were the first to introduce Video Streaming as a form of "immediate visual Validation", and the first to require every lady (signing up to be on our site) to;

 1.) Record a Video Attestation  (on camera) that she is joining the site not only of her own volition but that she states clearly what her intentions and expectations are!  and;

2.) Provide us with scanned copies of her personal identification documentation.  No other dating Websites — especially mainstream domestic dating sites — require that level of validation"!

"We take the safety and security of our members very seriously.  If it was simply all about making money, we wouldn’t care if people ARE who they say they ARE  or WHAT their "motivation" is for being on our site!  People need to understand that what we really do is provide single men with access to a pool of smart, beautiful and strong-minded women that are real, validated and genuine.  In fact, without our safeguards,  these ladies would otherwise be unavailable to them.  We afford our Members more options than any other site when looking for their "soul mate".

What about the scammers?

"Some people will always try to cheat the system.  It’s not just on our site, it’s on every dating Website, especially the domestic, main stream ones!   How many reports of scammers have you heard about on mainstream dating sites?   Tons!   In fact, it's common knowledge that almost no-one is who they say they, or are truthful about anything … especially their age!   How many of those mainstream sites, or competing sites,  make it their personal mission to investigate these issues and actually ban people from their site to prevent this?  Only HotRussianBrides.com and RussianLoveMatch.com!"

"Also, members and potential members need to know one thing about this industry. 99% of all negative things said about our Website can be traced directly back to competitors or people that have something to gain by attacking a particular service. We are not the only ones that are attacked, but we are one of the very few that actually give customers with grievances an outlet to get those addressed.  We have an office in the US with a phone number.  Not many do.  We have a Web hostess that is online most of the day (and night) that can answer any questions anyone may have. Nobody else does!   Many of these 'black-listers' and 'backyard gumshoes' usually have ulterior motives for attacking any of the Russian bride Websites.   How can people assume those sites are being altruistic, and conversely, why would they assume that WE are being deceitful?"

"You want to really find out which sites are the scammers?  Ask the agencies overseas.  They’ll  tell you that no other site provides the level of support or degree of ethics that we do.  Period!"

Why don’t you just sell contact information and let people meet each other outside your site?

"That’s not what we do.   Some sites thrive on this.  They will allow men to find a person they like and then they pay $15 to get their personal contact information.   99 times out of 100, the information is bad.   Plus, how is this going to get someone a fiancée?   Those sites are considered the good guys?   We could make millions selling 'bogus' contact information to desperate men, but we don’t!   We leave THAT to the fraudsters." 

"Think about it, this concept of 'pedaling' contact info - without the lady's permission- is wrong on SO many levels!  Ask yourself, if this makes ANY sense at all when applying the same principal to your mother, sister, daughter, or girlfriend!  Obviously, even if the information WAS real, how long before a genuine lady would be forced to change her phone number and/or MOVE?  Furthermore, if she DOES accept calls from just anyone, is she really genuine?  Or possibly a prostitute?   This kind of gullible mentality makes me simply shake my head!"

"It boggles my mind how anybody can think that by paying $15 they can get a beautiful woman’s address and she will be waiting for him with open arms.  Seriously?  Why would anyone think that this is OK? Plus, 99 percent of the time, the information he gets sold is bad and they are simply 'duped' out of their money!   Is THIS really what people want?  Well, if they do, then they shouldn’t come to OUR site."

"Here's an idea…. I wonder if Men would still be SO keen on this concept if we sold THEIR contact information to just about anyone in Russia or the Ukraine who was willing to pay us $15?  Then anyone could 'Google' a member's location and/or just show up at their door unexpectedly!   I suspect, they probably would hate that concept!   Look, at the very least, it's a violation of their privacy!  We don’t 'own' anyone on either side of the equation.   The ladies on our site are here of their own free-will, and so are the gentlemen.   In our business model, the gentlemen pick up most of the tab for the correspondence since most of the ladies are economically poor.  Call me old fashioned, but we think this model is fair and we expect our members to conduct themselves like gentlemen, regardless of the fact that the courtship takes place online.   After all, people work, bank, buy and socialize online.   Why not fall in love online?"

"No one has to stay on our site.   If they don’t like how we do things, they can go to any of our competitor’s sites and experience the difference.   But I can tell you, the majority of members that do that come back within days!"

Why are your sites better?

"Our validation process alone gives us a huge advantage over most of our competitors.   In addition, we have a team of the most talented developers in the Southeast who are constantly improving and managing our Websites to ensure that everything works and that people are not being scammed.  We have people that 'monitor' our members in case a lady tries to ask for a gift or money, or when a gentleman is abusive or derogatory.   Who else cares that much about their members?   No one!"

About Romantic Tours, Inc.
Romantic Tours, Inc. (RTI) provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women.  HotRussianBrides.com and RussianLoveMatch.com are not mail order bride or escort services, but international matchmaking services through which members can openly express their feelings without judgment.  RTI enables bachelors to connect with single Russian and Ukrainian women (many of which are very beautiful) that are hoping to meet someone new, exciting and different.  Come and experience the difference!