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Sexy Russian Singer Nyusha

26. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Want to know what Russian and Ukrainian ladies are listening to? There’s a good chance that it’s Russian pop diva Nyusha, who has her third number one single in Russia right now.


Nyusha has been part of Russia’s music scene since she was 11 years old and toured with the pop group Grizli, which toured in Russia and Germany. In 2008, Nyusha wrote the final song in the Russian-dubbed version of the Disney film Enchanted. That same year, she got her big break.


She gained mainstream attention in Russia after winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. Her first single, Howl at the Moon, won 2009’s Song of the Year award.


Since then, she’s released three number one singles: the insanely catchy Do Not Interrupt, the dramatic Choose a Miracle, and her current number one hit, Memories.


Little by little, she’s gaining success outside Russia. Last year she was featured on an English-language track by French pop star Gilles Luka. And, earlier this year, she made Complex’s list of Sexy International Singers. Ready to broaden your pop music horizons? Click below to hear the song that is burning up the Russian airwaves:



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Photo: nyusha.ru