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Sexy Russian Singer: The Captivating Alsou

19. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Alsou is a popular female Russian singer, who many men find hot! She not only has talent but she also was able to captivate audiences with her voice long before turning eighteen. Since she has recorded some of her albums in English, you may want to continue reading so that you will be able impress your lady with your “Alsou knowledge.”

Alsou’s Accomplishments

Alsou released her debut album Ancy in 2001, and also graced Americans the same year by releasing an album in English called Alsou. Besides this, she was Russia’s best selling artist and released a top selling single in 2000.

In recent years Alsou placed second in the Eurovision Song Contest. She is considered to be such a good singer, that she was asked to host the event in 2009. If you want to play a romantic song for your lovely Russian woman then you need to check out her song, You’re My #1. Your lady will likely be elated since in 2002 this song was named as the “best single in Russia of all times.”

Surprise Your Russian Lady with Great Music from Her Own Country

If you really want to surprise your Russian woman consider finding some of the Europop songs that Alsou performed at the Olympic Sport Complex in 2002, where she sang songs in both Russian and English.

More recently, this Russian adored singer hosted the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in May. If you ever go to Russia to visit your new lady, you may want to see if she is performing while you are there. With her being such a great singer, your lady will likely enjoy the concert. With her being so hot, you’re likely to enjoy not only her singing but also the view.