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Sexy Sharapova Russia’s Richest Athlete

24. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Sexy Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been named Russia’s richest sports celebrity for 2009 and the only woman in the top ten according to Finans magazine.


Maria, Maria

Sharapova income this year was $24 million, down $1.5 million from last year. The leggy, blonde, tennis superstar only made $900,000 from tennis this year but has found the magic formula in world-wide endorsements contracts.

Unlike Sharapova, the majority of other athletes on the list derive their incomes mainly from the sport that they play. Very few have other outside sources of income.


Hockey Players dominate

NBA star Andrey Kirilenko came in second with his $15.1 million take for this year.  If the rumors are true, Kirilenko, nicknamed “AK-47”, may vault to the top spot if Mikhail Prokhorov the new owner of the New Jersey Nets can lure him away from his current team the Utah Jazz to the Nets.

NHL star Alexander Ovechkin is third on the list taking home a nice sum of $12 million. The two-time league MVP last year signed an NHL record 13-year, $124 million deal with the Washington Capitals.

Arsenal striker and Russian National team player Andrei Arshavin took in a cool $11.25 million for fourth place.

Another Russian hockey player who has done well in North America is Evgeny Malkin. The Pittsburgh Penguins center $8.7 million per year pay check landed him in fifth place.

Ilya Kovalchuk $7.5 million contract with the Atlanta Thrashers landed him in sixth place.

Chelsea midfielder Yury Zhirkov brings home a tidy sum of  $7.5 million per year for the next five years.

Pavel Datsyuk cashed a $6.7 million check this year thanks to his seven-year deal worth $46.9 million. That puts the Detroit Red Wings center at number eight on the list.

Penguins player, Sergei Gonchars is in ninth place with an income of $6 million per season.

Andrei Markov, a defender for the Russian national ice hockey team rounds out the top 10 with a $5.8 million annual salary.


Top Twenty-Five

The entire list includes 16 hockey players, five footballers (soccer players),three tennis players and a one basketball player.


In the near future, expect to see additional names added to the list as more of the world discovers the talents of Russian athletes.