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Should I Send Russian Brides Christmas Cash?

22. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

It’s the season for giving, and while many gentlemen have already purchased special Christmas gifts for their favorite ladies from the Gift Shop, some still want to give in a more monetary way. Winter in Russia and Ukraine can get expensive, with heating bills, heavy clothing expenses, and warmer transportation costs.


Plus, gentlemen who are dating Russian women with children want them to have plenty of presents. They also worry that ladies who are students, or those who don’t earn a lot of income from their jobs, won’t be able to afford gifts for their loved ones. All of these reasons cause men to consider sending some Christmas cash to make their holiday a little happier.


However, the first rule of Russian dating is to NEVER SEND MONEY.


First of all, the holidays are not as commercialized in Russia and Ukraine as they tend to be in other countries. Russian brides spend the season making traditional, twelve-dish feasts and enjoying the company of their family and friends. While small gifts are often exchanged, they aren’t preoccupied with the presents.


Sending money to someone you only know online is unsafe. You have no idea what they will spend the money on, or if they will even receive it at all. Ladies who are serious about finding love on HotRussianBrides.com wouldn’t even consider accepting money this way. In fact, before joining the site, they sign paperwork and agree on camera that they will never hint or flat out ask for money. Any gentleman who experiences otherwise should immediately report her to the m">customer service department.


It’s wise to stick with the Gift Shop when you want to send some sweet sentiments. This way you’ll know your transaction is secure and you can be sure exactly what she’s getting and when she gets it. You can even view confirmation photos at the Gift Registry in your Black Book. Some gentlemen choose jewelry, perfume, or flowers for their favorite Ukrainian brides, and then also include some candy or a stuffed animal for their children!


While December 25th is only 3 days away, it’s not too late to send some special gifts. Remember, Russian and Ukrainian women often celebrate the traditional Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, and continue to celebrate through their traditional New Year on January 13th.


Although, just letting the ladies know how much you appreciate them this time of year, and talking about scheduling some time to visit them, will often be enough to warm their hearts.