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Show You Care Without Sending Cash

26. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Show Russian Brides You Care Without Sending Cash

When a gentleman begins a romantic relationship with someone, it’s common for him to feel like giving all he can. Some show their desire to open their hearts by opening their wallets. While it’s a wonderful sentiment to want to share your wealth and send your favorite Russian brides money, it’s not a good idea.


Even if you’ve been chatting with a woman online for several months, you still really don’t know each other until you have met in person. While HotRussianBrides.com does implement very effective anti-scam features, it’s always wise to be wary when wooing on the web.


When ladies join the site, before they can even begin to search, they must complete the Video Validation and Attestation procedure. They promise to fully follow our Terms of Use, which strictly prohibits asking for gifts or money. If a gentleman receives such a request, he is encouraged to contact our customer service department.


An acceptable alternative to sending cash, checks, or money orders, is sending gifts through HotRussianBrides.com. Our Gift Shop offers a wide selection of ways you can show your affection sincerely, yet safely. You can see exactly what you’re buying, plus you’ll receive a confirmation photo when your lady has received it. From romantic tokens of love like flowers and candy, to practical purchases like English lessons, the Gift Shop is stocked with stuff that Russian and Ukrainian ladies love to receive.


It’s a common Russian bride myth that these ladies are only attracted to Western men for their money. A financially secure future is an important detail to anyone looking for a life partner, but Russian and Ukrainian women want to fall in love with your personality and your gentlemanly charm. There are plenty of romantic ways to show them you care, rather than courting them with cash.