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Signs of a Bitter Russian Dater

18. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Bitterness is a big turn off for Russian women. After all, what lady wants to chat with a gentleman who is angry and negative? Unfortunately, men don’t always recognize bitter qualities within themselves. Here are three signs of a bitter Russian dater.

Frequent Anger, Hostility

After experiencing a series of heartbreaks and disappointments, some men become angry and hostile. They might claim that Russian women are insincere gold diggers or that HRB is a giant scam. Bitter men are suspicious and hostile and generally unpleasant to talk to. While it’s natural to feel down and angry from time to time, women are wary of men who are constantly brooding and thinking the worst of everyone. Try not to let past disappointments dictate how you approach new relationships.

Excessive Jealousy

If you’ve has been repeatedly disappointed in the love department, it’s easy to be jealous of other people’s happiness. Perhaps you can’t stand to read Russian dating success stories or maybe you hate the fact that your ex has found someone else. Occasional jealousy is normal, but if you find yourself obsessing over other people's relationships and wishing them ill then you may have a problem.


Bitterness and paranoia often go hand in hand. Perhaps a lady hasn’t responded to your email and now you’re convinced she’s rejected you for another man. Perhaps a woman didn’t answer one of your questions and now you’re certain she’s a scammer who only writes form letters. Confidence is the key to attracting other singles, so try not to analyze your crush’s every move or dwell on rejection, real or imagined.

Finding love can be tough and rejection and disappointments are a normal part of the dating process. Don’t make things more difficult by succumbing to bitterness and negativity.