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Silent Films Featured in Odessa

19. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Strolling along the Odessa Sea Port under the stars with your favorite Ukrainian bride can be quite romantic; even more so this weekend. There’s just something about black and white, silent movies that put starry-eyed singles in the mood for love.


Multicultural couples may enjoy the Mute Nights Festival more since they can bond over the beauty, the expression, and the live music, without having to worry about understanding the language!


This year, the festival will feature five classic silent films: Ukrazia (Ukrasia; 1925) and Khlib (Bread; 1930) from Ukraine; Czech drama Kreutzerova Sonáta (The Kreutzer Sonata; 1927); an American comedy-drama The Patsy (1928); and the German expressionist classic Der Letzte Mann (The Last Man; 1924).


Ukrasia by Petro Chardynin is the first domestic adventure film that has been forbidden for screening since 1937 because one of its authors had been declared an "enemy of the state" during Soviet times. The film was banned for 80 years, and almost forgotten, until now.


Each film will be accompanied by live music from Ukrainian bands, as well as others from Poland, Czech Republic, and Belarus.


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