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Sincerity and Russian Dating

19. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

The sincerity of Russian women is perhaps the most hotly debated topic among Western gentlemen and Russian dating insiders. Many suitors feel that “sincere” ladies are hard to come by and that sites like HotRussianBrides harbor insincere women who are more interested in flirting and idle chit chat than in establishing a long-term relationship. However, what many suitors don’t consider is the questionable behavior of a few Western gentlemen and how this behavior affects the search for an honest Russian woman.

When most men say a lady is insincere, they mean she has no intention of settling down with a Western gentleman. However, many men join Russian dating sites like HotRussianBrides knowing they can’t afford to travel to Russia or Ukraine, much less bring a foreign bride home. Other men hint at future proposals when they have no intention of getting married, while others proclaim their undying love for more than one woman at time. It’s also not uncommon for gentlemen to establish seemingly serious relationships with Russian women, promise to visit, and then never show. Some men even join HotRussianBrides when they’re already married or engaged! Does this affect the way Russian ladies interact with Western gentlemen? Certainly! Believe it or not, ladies encounter this sort of scandalous behavior every day. While a lady may seem casual or aloof, qualities many men attribute to insincerity, it’s likely that she’s been burned before and is simply afraid of getting hurt again. 

The next time a lady seems “insincere,” consider the reason for her seemingly aloof behavior and give her the benefit of the doubt before writing her off as an insincere scammer. It’s also important to take an honest look at yourself and your own Russian dating intentions before accusing a lady of being insincere.