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Single Russian Ladies and Your Profile Photos

12. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Many of the Gentlemen on the site ask us – since a lot of the Ukrainian brides and Russian Ladies on our Russian Dating site sign up with their Agencies and have professional photo-shoots – should they look into having these too?

The answer is “Maybe”. While having professionally taken photographs on your profile could definitely attract a lady’s attention, photos that aren’t professionally taken, but reveal more about yourself could definitely help you and the Russian bride you are interested in develop a closer relationship.

What pictures would help me attract the attention of Single Russian Women?

Photographs that reveal facets of your personality or your life go much further than a blurry webcam shot of your face. Do you live in a big city? Have a friend snap your picture on a busy sidewalk! How about if you live out in the country? A picture near a farm, or a winding country lane would portray not only where you live but would speak volumes about you as a person!

What are your interests? These can make for great ideas for pictures! If you like sports, a picture of you at a game (or even playing a sport if you’re active!) can make for an excellent picture. If you like to travel, how about some of those vacation pictures you’ve taken over the years? A picture of you in front of a notable landmark or a recognizable historical site will always attract attention.

What should I be sure to include or exclude when I’m uploading photos for my Russian Dating Profile?

If the photos are destined for the profile, it is very important that you are prominently featured in them. The ladies on our site want to meet YOU, so unless you’re the main focus of them, save the pictures of family or your pets or your car for when you are emailing the Russian brides.

It’s also important to follow our Terms of Use, so don’t upload anything obscene or any photos which include contact information to your profile.

If you follow this advice, you may find that ladies emailing you have a better understanding of your personality and your interests, and this will only help the relationships you develop through our Introduction agencies to grow.