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Single Russian ladies to gain Visa-free European travel soon?

25. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

European gentlemen seeking the Russian lady of their dreams may want to take note – it may be much easier for you to visit each other soon. Following Ukraine’s recent steps to make it easier for Kiev girls and Ukrainian brides to leave the country, Russia is working together with the European Union to provide an ease of Visa restrictions when travelling.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has been meeting with European Union high representative Catherine Ashton to lift travel restrictions. Currently Russians wishing to visit the EU must go through a lengthy Visa qualification process including interviews and financial disclosure and Europeans wishing to visit Russia must re-register with the authorities every three days.

Visa negotiations continue between the EU’s high office and Russia’s foreign ministry, were they to be dropped, the system may act somewhat like Ukraine’s. Ukraine currently provides Visa-free travel for American and European travelers, especially for Gentlemen wishing to travel to meet their potential Ukrainian wives. Minister Lavrov has stated that he feels his country in ready to convert to a Visa-free regime as early as September 26th, and while Ashton has not been forthcoming with dates, she has referred to it as an issue that could be resolved “shortly”.