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Sky Walking Thrills Russian Teens

2. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Teens around the world are known for doing rash and foolish things, but the youths in Russia don’t limit themselves to racing, drinking, and planking – they also go sky walking.

Sky walking, a fad that involves scaling a ridiculously tall building or structure and then taking a photo or video, appears to have originated on the Russian web. For this reason, the trend is sometimes referred to as Russian planking, though sky walking is far more dangerous than lying prone in unusual public spaces.

Though the origins of sky walking remain unclear, the answer appears to lie with a Russian teen named Marat Dupri. Dupri, a photographer, began climbing tall structures last year and his sky walking photos have been featured on several major news sites. One of the daring teen’s photos, taken during a bridge ascent, even won an award in the 2012 Best of Russia photography competition.

“When I am on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is by my feet,” Marat is reported as saying. “All my problems and trouble are left somewhere down. The height exhilarates me. I am enjoying with my home town views. It gives me energy and fills with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.”

Dupri’s success inspired other Russian teens to take up sky walking, and the adrenaline junkies' photos and videos are now spread across the web. View a few below, if you dare.