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Slavic Superstitions: Love and Romance

7. December 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Russia and Ukraine have a unique set of superstitious beliefs covering just about every aspect of life and death. As HRB is dedicated to helping men and women find love, it seems fitting to share a few Slavic superstitions concerning love and romance. What does your special lady believe? 

Couples who set a wedding date must get married on that day. Any changes will curse the relationship. In fact, it’s better not to get married at all then to wed on a different day.


If a man is lucky at cards, he will be unlucky in love.


Similarly, if an unlucky man marries a woman he loves his marriage will bring him good fortune.


Single men and women (mostly women) should not sit at the corner of a table or else they will not find love and get married.


Itchy lips means a person will be kissing someone soon.


Leap year marriages are more likely to end in divorce.


If a person breaks a mirror, he or she will not get married for at least seven years.


Girls who give their boyfriends pysanky with no designs at the top or bottom may cause him to lose his hair.


If a woman places food from a New Year’s Eve feast under her pillow, she will dream of her soul mate that night.


During Svyatka, the two weeks of winter holidays between Christmas Eve, women who stare into a mirror at the stroke of midnight will briefly see their future husband’s reflection.


Newly-married couples can learn who will be the primary breadwinner of the household by tearing off a chunk of bread using only their thumb and forefingers. Whoever gets the biggest piece will earn the most money.


A yellow bouquet of flowers means the end of a relationship, while an even number of flowers symbolizes death.

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