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Slavutych, Ukraine's 21st Century City

1. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Unlike many other cities in Ukraine which developed naturally, over time, the city of Slavutych was planned and built.

Originally designed to be a “21st Century City”, Slavutych features some of the most modern architecture in the country and had designers and architects from every corner of the former Soviet Union working on its construction. Ground was broken on the new city in 1986, mainly as a home for the people displaced after the Chernobyl disaster caused nearby town Prypiat to be evacuated.

The city, located about 125 miles from Kiev, boasts one of the highest birth rates in the country and an incredibly high standard of living. Around half of the residents were employed by the former power plant, although this has now shrunk to around 3,000 who are responsible for monitoring the containment of the radiation.

Today the population of the city is around 25,000, but this is expected to drop due to the reduced need for people to monitor the former Nuclear Power Plant. The average age of residents is 30 years old, due to an astonishing 36% of the population being below 16.

For the curious tourist, parts of the former city, Prypiat are now open to be viewed. Prypiat was completely abandoned after the disaster and trees and wildlife now infest what used to be the city’s streets.