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Smart and Sexy! Miss Atom 2010 Beauty Pageant (Pics!)

20. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Olga Trefilova

Miss Atom 2010 is the first and only internet-based pageant for the “atomic” beauties. Smart and sexy nuclear industry employees from all over Russia, Ukraine, and all other countries of the former Soviet Union are eligible to compete. They publish their photos on the website and complete questionnaires. The winners are determined by public voting, via online and text messaging.


The grand prize winners are the Russian girls who receive the first, second, and third highest numbers of votes. This year’s prizes were fabulous trips to a world famous spa in Jordan, a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, and the exotic Bali Island in Indonesia. Additional runner-up prizes of iPhones, digital cameras, and NetBooks were also awarded for categories such as Best Debut, Most Striking Picture, and Individual Style.


The Russian woman with the most number of votes was 24-year-old Olga Trefilova from Nizhny Novgorod. This was her first year competing in the Miss Atom pageant. Check out these stunning photos of Olga and her fellow winners.


1st Place: Olga Trefilova - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Olga Trefilova


2nd Place: Kristina Pogosyan - Lubertsi, Russia

Kristina Pogosyan


3rd Place: Yekaterina Ivanova - Krasnokamensk, Russia

Yekaterina Ivanova


Best Debut: Olga Shibanova - Minsk, Belarus

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Olga Shibanova


Most Striking Picture: Yevgenia Voskresenskaya - Moscow, Russia

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Yevgenia Voskresenskaya


Most Striking Picture: Olga Krayushkina - Moscow, Russia

Olga Krayushkina


Most Striking Picture: Yekaterina Krat - St. Petersburg, Russia

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Yekaterina Krat