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Olga Kurylenko – Smart and Sexy Ukrainian Actress Appearing in Two New Films

11. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Former Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko is keeping busy. She stars in critically acclaimed Terrence Malick movie To the Wonder, which is in theaters now. And, later this month, Oblivion, a science fiction blockbuster where she costars beside Tom Cruise, will premiere in theaters worldwide.


Olga has given revealing interviews to several outlets to support both projects. A few factoids for those who wish to know more about the FSU stunner:


  • She never saw herself doing action movies. Before coming to the US, she’d starred in a French independent film. Olga took the role in Quantum of Solace because she had trouble finding work based on what she’d done before.
  • She likes to switch between big and small movies. As she told IndieWire, “I always wanted to do films like Terrence [Malick]’s films -- not that I would never do a film like a Bond film again. I realized that it’s a good balance, and that that’s the secret of it, is to have a balance of both. You can’t do only small independent movies -- or only big.”
  • She was discovered in a Moscow subway station at the age of 13. She said to The National, “It was a miracle. I kept thinking after I went back home: ‘It's not only in books and movies. It happened to me.’ What are the chances? It's crazy.”
  • She didn’t see her first Hollywood movie (which was Alien) until she was 11. The movie theaters where she lived in Ukraine only rarely had new films.


Photo: The National