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So many Ukrainian ladies and Russian girls are in University, why is this?

22. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Russian Student

Many of the gentlemen on the site have stated their surprise to see that so many of the Russian ladies and Ukrainian girls on our site are pursuing University and College degrees, no matter what their age is. In Ukraine there is an extensive tradition of pride associated with life-long education that even after normal college age, it is not uncommon to see Ukrainian ladies pursuing post-graduate studies.


Ukraine has an almost 100% literacy rate, meaning that almost the entire population can read and write and produces the 4th largest number of higher education graduates in Europe. The Ukrainian University system is a mixture, offering both state-run and private education options for students and Bachelors and Masters Degrees that meet the European standard.


Ukrainian girls who attend Universities and Colleges that are state-run will receive scholarships and bonuses for keeping their grades above a certain level and in many cases Universities will provide housing for out of area students.


In Russia, Russian ladies will normally enjoy a totally state-sponsored education, although it does have a growing number of private institutions along with the state-run ones. In 2007, Russia started a program to reform its University system – a relic of the Soviet Union – to the European “Bologna Process” system, to ensure better integration and more international recognition for Russian degrees and schools. Over 50% of Russia’s population has at least the 5 year “Specialist” degree along with many pursuing post-graduate and Doctoral studies.


While many Russian women and Ukrainian girls are pursuing further education, this will not usually stop them from looking for their other half. In Ukraine, the average marriage age for a Ukraine woman is around 22 years of age and many Universities acknowledge this, especially in the capital by offering special dormitories and housing for married Kiev girls and schedules that can work around family life. With Ukraine’s universities largely standardized to the Bologna Process and Russia’s schools approaching this standard, a lady’s ability to move to another country and continue her studies after meeting her other half is greatly increased.