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Soviet Kitsch at Spotykach Restaurant

19. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Conveniently located near St. Sophia's Cathedral, Spotykach is a Soviet-themed restaurant that all international travelers must visit. All of the best aspects of Soviet times are encapsulated inside the halls, which are filled with 1960s decor.


Spotykach shares its name with the homemade wine liquor, which tastes like a light version of moonshine with a hint of sweetness. Each diner is welcomed at the door with a shot of the stuff along with a small salo sandwich.


The menu items are just as authentic as the atmosphere, as the cuisine is based on the 1939 Soviet cooking bible, The Book About Tasty and Healthy Food. From classic Mimoza and Olivier salads, pickled mushrooms, and herring with anchovy, to sausages, Ukrainian borscht, pancakes, vareniki, and legendary chicken Kiev -- everything is homemade and delicious! Plus, the prices are reasonable for a popular tourist spot.


Additional nostalgia is provided Thursdays through Saturdays when musicians fill the dining room to play old Soviet folk songs and popular hits. Take your favorite Kyiv girl to Spotykach for a fun, historic time you'll never forget!