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Spending the Night With a Russian Woman...

29. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Do you expect to spend the night with a special lady when visiting her in Ukraine? Not so fast. While some women are ok with overnight guests, many others are not.

As we’ve mentioned before, intimacy is not guaranteed during a first visit (or even a second or third), and men who expect to spend the night at a lady’s home may be disappointed. Some ladies prefer to get to know a gentleman in person before inviting him over, while others prefer to wait until marriage. Does this mean the ladies aren’t “serious” about finding love? Of course not, it simply means they have strong morals and values and refuse to be pressured into doing something they don’t want to do. Who can fault them for that?

Personal preferences aside, many ladies are not comfortable with the idea of inviting a man to spend the night at their home because of the way others might view them. As in other countries, there is somewhat of a double standard in Russia and the Ukraine when it comes to sex and unmarried women. Though it isn’t fair, friends, family, and neighbors may look down upon a lady for inviting a man to her home, especially if the lady lives alone or has children. Societal expectations greatly influence the way women (and men) behave and are not something that can easily be cast aside.

There are many reasons a lady may not be comfortable inviting a gentleman to her home, be it morals, societal pressures, or a little of both. Please keep this in mind when visiting with your own special lady.