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Spring Queen 2012 – Meet the Finalists of Sunflower and Tulip

28. March 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

The Spring Queen pageant is nearly over. Tomorrow is the last day to vote, and Friday is the day Hot Russian Brides will crown the lucky winner. Have you cast a vote for your favorite contestant?


Here are six more ladies – the finalists of Sunflower and Tulip – to consider. Check out the profiles and entry videos and vote for your favorite lady today!



“I am looking for the man who is the best friend to me. The guy with kind heart and manners of prince, because I believe they do exist still. So where are you, my modern prince? I am waiting for you...”


“My name Veronica means Bringing Victory, so I always try to act responsible, help other people and stay cool in every situation.”


“I can tell you what thing in men makes me melt. I like men’s hands... Strong and powerful and that can turn to tender and loving in one second. I always pay attention to them and they tell me much about the person.”



“I am a real woman. Maybe I am looking for you?”


“I am a person of different interests. I like to travel a lot. My hobby is studying languages and painting. I like to draw landscapes and animals. So, I am a very positive person.”


“My friends all say that I am very easy to talk to. I am someone who sets goals, creates plans, and achieves those goals. I believe anything is possible when believed with conviction.”