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Spring Queen 2012 - Meet the Daisy and Hyacinth Finalists!

23. March 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Over a hundred women entered the Spring Queen pageant, only 24 finalists remain. The top three ladies from each group have advanced to the final round, and it’s up to you to determine which lucky lady takes home the crown! Final round voting ends on Thursday, March 29th, so head on over to the Spring Queen page and get to voting.

In the meantime, check out the six finalists from the Daisy and Hyacinth groups. Click on a lady’s photo to view her profile and send an email or chat request. Will one of the women below be Hot Russian Brides' new Spring Queen?



“Yes I am confident, yes I am strong, yes I stand for my principles, and yes I can compromise - however with this all said I am still a woman who wants nothing more but to take a look at your eyes and realize you are the one.”


“I think that the main thing in the life is not to lose optimism and never give up in all situations which life brings us. Faith, hope and love are really main things in my life. And I think that everything is possible for people who have a faith in themselves.”


“I am nice girl, tender and kind. I like nature, music, to walk in the park. I adore films, but most of all I dream to go to cinema with my dearest person.”



“I am funny, confident, and full of life and a little adventure, and the smile in my first picture says it all- it is confident, playful, a little sexy and should absolutely melt your heart, and if it is not going to happen then I guess you are a tough nut to crack.”


“Nika is an ancient Greek winged goddess of victory. My real name is Victoria and I have no my own wings yet. So I am here to find the one, who will help me to grow my wings, who will teach me how to fly.”


"I am a diamond looking for my special jeweler. I can say that i am honest, loyal, kind, with good sense of humor. Friendly and smiley, I adore kids and love to travel, have a sense of adventure, and a healthy way of life."