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Staying Safe on HotRussianBrides – Meeting Up

6. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

When travelling and meeting a lady in her home country, there are MANY guidelines you should follow. When travelling to a foreign country, especially one where you do not know the language or if you are travelling alone, a very important precaution to take is to make sure that someone knows where you are, what your plans are and that you will contact them if your plans change. The best way to do this is to have a cell phone and carry it with you at all times, set up pre-set call times to check in and keep those appointments.


When travelling, try not to publicize the fact that you are a foreigner or flaunt your wealth (with clothing, jewelry, etc.) and be sure to guard your luggage and your person. Avoid drinking alcohol, definitely avoid drinking in the presence of people you don't know and trust well and make sure you are never alone while intoxicated. If you absolutely do need to go out after it gets dark, stick to the well-lit areas in the city where other people are.


When meeting a lady, you should avoid meeting at her residence or your hotel or apartment and initially meet in a well-known public place like a restaurant or a busy park. When going to meet her, you may want to obtain separate transportation from her and make sure that a friend or family member is aware of the meeting and your intended return time.


Were you aware that the Agencies that Hot Russian Brides partners with can help ensure the safety of both you and the lady you are interested in? When you make your reservation using our local agencies, they will always arrange for you to meet the lady you are interested in at the Agency office, or at a Restaurant in the presence of a translator. Our Agencies do everything they can to ensure the safety of our Members, including providing necessary information about the area, providing a local driver and ground transportation as well as secure accommodations and professional translators.