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Staying Safe on HotRussianBrides – Family Photos

29. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Sharing family photos is a great way for people to give a snapshot of their lives, their upbringing and their backgrounds. Whether vacation photographs, family reunions, vintage pictures of grandparents, family photographs can be useful for both people in a relationship to get acquainted with the other and understand each other’s values.


While this can establish a trust and an understanding that just can’t be reached through many other methods, we do recommend that members on Hot Russian Brides be very careful about exactly what they are sharing. When you are picking which photos to publicly post on your profile, please be sure to only select pictures that prominently include yourself, this helps avoid misrepresentation and allows the ladies you are corresponding with to be sure that they know who they are speaking with.


Another important recommendation that we make is to avoid sharing photographs of underage children on the site. Family photos can be fun and informative, and we do understand that many of our members are single parents and are proud of their children and families, but sharing these sorts of pictures with someone you don’t know personally could be troublesome.


When using our services, we want our Members to feel as safe a possible. While we have a great deal of policies in place to protect the privacy of our customers, keeping tips like this in mind can help our members increase their online safety.