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Staying safe on HotRussianBrides - “I love you!”

29. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

We always warn our members to watch out for people soliciting gifts or asking for money and to let us know immediately about any rules being broken. We do also have some guidelines for our members concerning their conduct and the conduct of others on our site.


We recommend wholeheartedly that our members be extremely wary of anybody contacting them proclaiming their love within the first email or within the first few emails. Certainly love can happen quickly and without warning, but you should be careful not to allow someone’s claims of love to cause you to let your guard down.


We recently posted an article about “Love at First Type” and while this phenomenon isn’t unheard of, it is still extremely rare. HotRussianBrides is set up to foster serious, long-term relationships between our members and we always recommend that our members be very careful of declaring their undying affection early in the relationship.


While we feel that HotRussianBrides.com is one of the best in the Russian Dating world for fostering strong, committed long-term relationships, we cannot make any guarantees based on results or the intentions of our members.