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Studies Say Online Dating Works

11. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

online dating

Are you hesitant to give online dating a try? Though online dating has its fair share of critics, recent studies indicate that the world wide web is a good place for people to find their perfect match, especially men!


Online Dating Works for Men

According to a 2009 study conducted by the consumer group Which?, men are more likely than women to find true love online. A 2005 study conducted by a UK online dating agency found that men who use a dating service are “more committed” to online chat conversations as it allows them to express feelings they may not be able to share in a more traditional setting.


Online Dating Success Stats

Some other interesting stats from the studies are as follows:


•    1 in 5 surveyed people who went online met their spouse on an online dating site.
•    Over 50% of people who used online dating sites went a date with someone they met on the web.
•    62% of respondents said using online dating sites to meet potential matches is easier than other

•    1 in 5 interviewees had a relationship lasting more than one year with someone they met online.


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