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Summer Music Shows in Kyiv

11. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

This summer is a great one for music fans in Kyiv. Musicians from all over are making stops there while on tour. Ask your favorite Kyiv lady if she’s going to see any of these international acts, or if she’s caught any that recently appeared.


Lana Del Rey just played at the Palats Ukraina last night. The “Video Games” singer will be hitting Minsk, Belarus and Riga, Latvia before her tour leaves the FSU for Finland.


If her tastes run more toward classic guitar rock, she might have checked out guitarist Steve Vai at the Green Theater instead. His latest album, “The Story of Light” has strong eastern influences, with many of the lyrics in the lead track in Russian.


Depeche Mode will be playing the National Sports Center Olympic Stadium on June 29. Earlier this year, the English rockers topped the Russian iTunes chart with their song “Heaven.” Russian fans will be able to catch them in Moscow on June 22 and in St. Petersburg on the 24th.


The Killers have a non-stop schedule with many stops throughout the FSU this summer. The Grammy-winning band will head into Kyiv on July 2 fresh off a two day stop in Moscow, where they will perform at the 2013 Park Live Festival.


Is she more of a classical fan? This past weekend’s O’Fest would have been more her speed. Opera performers from Vienna joined jazz, folk and musical theater performers from Russian, Poland, Kazakhstan and Lithuania at the festival at the Kyiv Operetta Theater.


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Photo: WikiCommons