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Supercars and Supermodels at Millionaire Fair

25. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

A new format and some amazing world premieres may have positively affected the Millionaire Fair this year. Attendance of both guests and vendors had increased over last year and more people were pulling out checkbooks rather than chuckling at prices.


The wealthy weekend kicked off Friday night with an opening ceremony that featured jazz musicians Brothers Ivanov followed by Dave Benton and Orchestra. Saturday was dedicated to the ladies, with special booths and products related to families and fashion. Women were encouraged to bring the kids for children’s fashion shows and dance classes, while a wedding planning agency catered to single wannabe Russian brides. Some lovely lingerie was on display for the ladies as well.


Sunday was just for the gentlemen, complete with supercars and Playboy supermodels. Guys gushed over an orange $729,000 Lamborghini, a limited edition 500 horsepower Benarrow, and an array of stunning Spykers. Food and entertainment was provided by a culinary demonstration called Kitchen of Temptation where professional chefs and celebrities competed to serve up the sexiest dishes based on aphrodisiacs. Playboy models pranced around for photo opportunities, and the day concluded with a rare, legally sanctioned poker tournament.


One of the most talked about items at the event was an 18-carat gold saucepan made by German cookware company Fissler. Decorated with 270 diamonds, the glass encased product was priced at $210,500 and Fissler has applied for its inclusion in the Guinness World Records book.


Another highlight included Novoro jewelry which made its first appearance in the Russian market at the Millionaire Fair. Gorgeous necklaces offered classy communication by combining the beauty of silver, gold, and gemstones with the cutting-edge technology of USB ports and Bluetooth devices. Pricing starts at $120,000 per item. The most expensive items at the event were mosaics made from thousands of Swarovski crystals by Australian artist Sharon Jones. One piece illustrating a child’s eye sold for $3 million.