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Surprise Russian Brides with Flowers

27. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Whether the bouquet is filled with roses, tulips, or carnations, any variety of flowers will be sure to delight your favorite Russian bride. Most women have a strong affinity for flowers but Russian women find them especially sentimental.


Members of HotRussianBrides.com can send flowers very easily from the Gift Shop. Simply view a lady's profile in your Black Book, click on Gift Registry, add the Flower Arrangement to the Gift Basket, then enter your payment information.


Don't forget to add a special note! Typical delivery times range from 7 to 14 business days.


After a lady receives your fragrant surprise, her agency representative will take a photo of her posing with the flowers. Members can view this Gift Confirmation photo by going back to the Gift Registry in the Black Book.


When you're meeting Russian girls in person, it's a good idea to flatter them with flowers then too. There are flower shops on nearly every corner in Russia and Ukraine so you'll have no trouble finding some. Some gentlemen buy a bouquet of red roses to hand them out individually to girls walking down the street. It's a very romantic, random way to brighten up their day.


Have you surprised your Russian bride with flowers lately?