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Surprises, Shared Interests are Things Ukrainian Girls Want

1. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

What does a hot Russian bride want in a husband? While every lady may have a different idea of who she will be most compatible with, some do mention the same qualities.


No one likes being bored but Russian women appear to have a strong aversion to it. Many of them mention the desire to be free of boredom, with the help of spontaneous men who shower them with surprises.


Another important quality they feel is necessary for a successful relationship is shared interests. Ladies often say that age and appearance really don't matter to them when reading through men's online dating profiles. They are more concerned with a gentleman's interests and hobbies to see if they are similar to their own. 


"I would like to find a special man who would be able to surprise me every day and to share my interests," writes Skyeyess from Zaporozhye.


"I am looking for a type of person similar to myself, because I believe that two people will get along better if they have the same interests and outlooks in life," explains Liltymove from Mariupol.


"I imagine you as mature and kind, well educated and intelligent, full of life and sometimes spontaneous, with crazy ideas," describes Malyka from Kharkov. "You share some of the same interests as me so we can do things together."


"I adore romantic moments and I like being surprised," writes MissSummer from Kyiv.


"I want to share your interests," says VeryHotFox from Odessa. "We can do together many things, travel, dance, walk, have fun, enjoy each other and life together."


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